Achievement 1. Achievement Achievement

The greatest achievement in life for any human being is the attainment of the state, or condition of Divine-Self-Realization. This means to KNOW-THY-SELF as Eternal Spirit. This superior state is one's true and natural state. This superior state is known by many names. A few of them are: heaven, satori, nirvana, tao, kingdom of god, samadhi, virtue, arete (Greek), cosmic consciousness and many more. (See chapter 40. ENLIGHTENMENT for more names.)

In this age of scientific materialism, INNER EVOLUTION is not practiced, recommended or even understood to be a part of a natural healthy life.

Sense is distinct from KNOWLEDGE (intuition). By sense, things are always changing. By KNOWLEDGE (SELF-realization with intuition) we become aware and experience something changeless and eternal.





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