Adam & Eve 3. Adam & Eve Adam & Eve

The divine man first made by God had his "consciousness centered" in the omnipotent single eye in the forehead (eastward). The all-creative power of his will, focused at that spot were lost mankind when he began to "till the ground" of his physical nature.

The Adam and Eve story of the Hindus is recounted in the hoary "purana, sirmad bhacavta".

The first man and womb-man (beings in physical form) are called Swayambhuva Manu (man born of the creator) and his partner-wife Shatarupa (having a hundred images or forms). Their five children intermarried with "Prajapatis" (perfect beings who could assume corporeal form); from these first divine families was born the human race (Hinduism).

Second Version

The story of Adam and Eve is a metaphor for the loss of SPIRITUAL SELF-AWARENESS by becoming identified with the human physical animal body.

The complete identification with the physical body-brain causes the loss of the REMEMBRANCE that one is, in truth, a spiritual entity. The soul that has cast itself out of the divine natural state, or heaven, is now subject to the laws of karma and the laws of physics in the material realm.

This downfall occurs over a long period of time. At first, the inner self (the real you) only uses the five senses occasionally. Then after many life times, there comes a time when the soul is between two conditions of be-ing, it has limited REMEMBRANCE of its original state, but also has come to know itself as the physical body. If the soul assumes itself to be the physical body, it has "missed the mark" or sinned, i.e., made the mistake of assuming itself to be the physical body.

Socrates called this fallen state the "WRONG" state to experience life from, i.e., "no man does WRONG knowingly," or once an individual attains or returns to their original state they do not relinquish the superior state for a lesser and limited state of existence.

The story of "The Cave" by Plato is a story of an individual who attains (actually returns to) DIVINE SELF-REALIZATION and understands it to be the "new world of light." The unconditional love that comes with this new state causes the individual to return to the cave of the unenlightened and "teach" them about the "new world." The new state of be-ing is the real state, and the cave with its lights and shadows (all of creation, the play of energy) is a SECONDARY reality.

Meditation, the shutting down of the body and brain, will bring all things to one's REMEMBRANCE again and one will KNOW-THY-SELF to be eternal spirit.


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