Anxiety, Depression 12. Anxiety, Depression Anxiety, Depression

Anxiety and depression are conditions of the psychological person-ality, the ego-I mentality of the physical animal body-brain. When one becomes UNIDENTIFIED with the body and its own egocentric personality the real you becomes free of all negative and destructive conditions.

Anxiety, Depression and Loneliness are the conditions of the physical animal person-ality they are not part of the true inner self, the God self, the real and eternal you.

We are not physical beings. We are spiritual beings lost and confused by the physical experience.

Is the condition called "MANIC DEPRESSIVE PSYCHOSIS" the cyclical spiritual process of becoming unidentified (happy, free) and then identified (with the physical and mental limitations) and then unidentification again???

Is what is called "MANIC DEPRESSIVE PSYCHOSIS" (non-genetic, functional) a positive spiritual process or a negative medical condition??

Stress Chemistry and Enlightenment

We live under stress, in a subhuman culture whose populace is completely confused even in the most elemental levels of existence. We are all involved in an animal-like struggle for survival, without much intelligence even at the level of the verbal mind. Such a circumstance tends to stimulate a chemical profusion in the body that enables it to function and survive under stress, but that chemical design does not allow the higher psychic and subtle centers of the body-mind to awaken. On the contrary, this stress chemistry triggers the degenerative processes of aging as well as all other forms of bodily degeneration, and this same stress chemistry is generally empty of the profound genetic signals that can trigger the higher evolutionary functions of Man.

In response to the stress of the usual worldly life, practitioners of traditional mysticism and yoga found ways to evolve into the consciousness of the higher states of mind, particularly those awakened in the right hemisphere of the brain. These practitioners commonly went out into the wilderness and used esoteric "tricks," such as fasting, prayer, and techniques of brain-stimulating meditation, to encourage the body not only to stop producing the chemistry of stress, anger, sexual desire, and fear, but to start producing another and superior kind of chemistry. They were thus able to awaken certain aspects of the brain that will be naturally and commonly awake only in the future evolutionary stages of mankind.

Until we have created a human order that is fundamentally free of mutual threat, it will not be common for people to live in a truly awakened and peaceful state, not only of mind, but of body (or the total body-mind). The body-mind must receive the signals that the stressful world has been overcome, that we need not fear, that we presently have a peaceful human society, not a society full of bombs and benighted craziness. The evolutionary mechanism of the bodily being is programmed to awaken its next higher centers of function only when the chronic problems of its lower functional centers have been solved and when the being can live without chronically creating degenerative stress chemistry. You can perhaps make yourself more comfortable by becoming free of some of the anxiety of your ordinary daily life, but you cannot thus become so peaceful that the right hemisphere of the brain and the higher evolutionary mechanisms of the body-mind as a whole are stimulated. To enter into your higher human destiny, you must be altogether "cured" in your deep psychic heart.

Basically, the human race is yet functioning within the realm of the threatened existence of beings who are eaten by other beings. We stressfully and chronically continue to animate the urge to reproduce, because we feel that everybody is in danger of being eaten! We feel, bodily, that everyone is prey to someone else. In fact, we continually witness the drama of hunter and prey all over the world. Listen to the daily news! People are being killed all over the Earth every day - simply murdered in weird personal and social or political conflicts. Such a dreadful circumstance is a natural part of the unevolved and lower state of Man. Everybody asks, "Why are we doing this?" But no broad social and political agency has come up with any reason to stop doing it!


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