Big Bang of Creation 22. Big Bang of Creation Big Bang of Creation

The Hindu scriptures place the present world age as occurring within the "Kali Yuga" of a much longer universal cycle than the simple 24,000-year equinoctial circle with which Sri Yukteswar was concerned.

The universal cycle of the scriptures is 4,300,560,000 years in extent and measures out a "day of creation." This vast figure is based on the relationship between the length of the solar year and a multiple f Pi (3.1416, the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle).

The life span of the whole universe, according to ancient seers, is 314,159,000,000,000 solar years or one age of "Brahma" (God).

The Hindu scriptures and other declare than an earth such as ours is dissolved for one of two reasons: the inhabitants as a whole become either completely good or completely evil. The "world mind" thus generates a power that releases the captive atoms held together as an "earth."


Ancient Taoism describes the first division, or first stage of materialization of the uncreated spirit (consciousness) of God as Yang or mind. Materializing into and as subtle energy or Yin. Yin is the reflection or son of Yang. Yin is NOT the OPPOSITE of Yang. Yin and Yang are not good and evil. Yin and Yang are both the same God, i.e., one part of God materialized and one part not materialized. When a sleeping person has a dream they materialize in the dream and yet they are prior to the dream as the one sleeping, both are of the same.

The four forces of the universe are variations of Yin and Yang. The four forces may be considered to what modern physics term.

Four forces of the universe: Strong nuclear force, Gravity, Weak nuclear force, Electromagnetism. As expressed by the ancient Taoists before written language was invented. (8000 - 7000 BC)

The harmonization of these forces creates a fifth united force. This fifth united force is the harmonizing force of the universe, a common field (A Unified Field). Force = subtle energy.

All of these forces battle and conquer each other, thus earth or foundational energy (not the planet) symbolizes the united, harmonized and neutral force among them.

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