Co-Creators 32. Co-Creators Co-Creators

And O that all would realize... that what we are-in any given experience or time- is the combined results of what we have done about the ideals that we have set....The sole of each individual is a portion then of the whole, with the birth right of "creative forces" to become a co-creator with the Father, co-laborer with "Him." As that birth right is then manifested, growth ensues. If it made selfish, retardments must be the result.... we find. As given from the beginning, each may attain to that whereunto it has set and does set itself, according to the consciousness of th in dwelling of the "creative forces" within. For "He" has promise to meet and to be with those who call. And who do his bidding, and help "His" commandments. And if He comes and abides with thee, what would be the limitations? There are none, from the spiritual point of view. And it is spirit-in Self, in the creative forces"-that will and does direct.

-E. Cayce, A.R.E.

As is understood, that which is mental arises from those abilities innate and manifested in life's expression. Itself -as in the fact that "every" phase of life is the image of the creator, or has the ability within itself to "create" itself: thus the ability to make its soul-in its realization, in its awareness, in its seeking - to know the "author" of its ideal, spirituality, mentally, materially. The spiritual is the life, the mental is the builder, the material is the result of that built through the purpose held by the individual entity. Then the entity find itself as a co-creator with the divine that is manifested in itself. Thus, if the choice leads the entity into the exalting of Self (ego), it becomes as naught in the end. If the choice is that "Self" (true inner Self) is to be used in whatever manner-as in talents, the attributes, the associations with its fellow men- to "glorify" the "creative forces" then the body. The mind finds that peace, that harmony, that "purpose" for which it chose to enter a material experience. E Cayce. A.R.E. As a corpuscle in the body of God, ye are free-willed and thus a co-creator with God... an individual entity's experience must be finished before the entity may either be "blotted out" or come into full brotherhood with greater abilities. Or the greater applications of Self in the creating or finishing of that begun... Each appearance, in the earth plane, is as an opportunity. An opportunity is to the grace of God. The very fact of being aware of thyself is assurance of the fact that the Father-God , in the form of universal consciousness, is mindful of thee. For each soul enters with a mission. And even as Jesus, the great missionary, we all have a mission to perform.

-E Cayce, A.R.E.

The principles of a peaceful order of the world does not rely on any powerful or capable government. It depends on each person's spiritual maturity to enjoy their own peaceful and intuitive nature.

-Chuang Tzu

It is not "God" or the so called "Devil" that makes the earth a heaven or a hell. It is our own free will. And our own choices.

To build a heaven on earth, it would first be necessary to build a society which is supporting of true spiritual evolution. And not its own egoic glorification.

Good people are the foundation of heaven....bad people are the foundation of hell.

If we choose, and therefore practice meditation, we can create heaven on earth. If we choose to glorify and gratify our psychological egoic mental condition, we will create an even greater hellish condition on the earth.


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