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The illusory presumption that there is a separate “self” (or ego-“I”) tends to be extended into other equally illusory presumptions—such as the illusory presumption that there is “a” psyche, and the illusory presumption that there is “a” mind, or even the illusory presumption that there is an eternally-existing separate “soul”.

There is no separate “self”, or psyche, or mind, or “soul”.

The space-and-time presumption of “point of view” is reflected in the presumption of illusory separate (or egoic) identities, in the form of separate “self”, separate psyche, separate mind, and separate “soul”—whereas, Prior to (and apart from) the presumption of “point of view”, what are otherwise presumed to be separate identities are non-separate, centerless, and non-fixed patterns of perceptual appearances and brain-recordings of random events in the nondifferentiated and indivisible field of conditionality.

There is “point-of-view”-conditionality—but there is no separate “self” (or independent ego-“I”).

There is conditional perception and brain-recording of conditional perception—but there is no “psyche” (as separate such).

There is the apparent arising of random (and conditional-pattern-“caused”) thought-forms—but there is no “mind” (as separate such).

There is conditional-pattern-“caused” apparent continuity of conditionally arising “experience” (before, during, and after the present apparent physical lifetime)—but there is no eternal “soul” (as separate such).

Both the brain and the energy-field in which the brain functions and inheres record (or reflect, and transformatively, or adaptively, reproduce), and (thus) “remember”—but there is no “rememberer” (or “knower”, as separate such).

This “self”-understanding Is Reality-Intuition—or That “Perfect Ignorance” That Is “Perfect Knowledge”.

You (as the brain-based process of presumed conditional “self”, or the bodymind-“ self”) can (and do) “experience” and “remember” and “know” (whether directly or indirectly) all kinds of details (whether true or false) about things, others, or conditional events—but you (as the conditional “self”, or the bodymind-“ self”) do not and cannot ever (in fact, or in Reality) “experience” or “know” What any thing, other, or conditional event Is.

“Consider” any thing, other, or conditional event, and observe that this is so.

“Consider” the letter “M”, for example.

Picture it in mind, or in print, or write it down by hand (even many times). “Consider” all that you (as the psycho-physical “self”) “experience” or “know” about the letter “M”.

Do you (in mind or in body) “experience” or “know” What the letter “M” Is? Is? Altogether and Really Is?  no! And what does this “consideration” reveal about you (as the presumed and presumptuous body-mind-“I”)? Indeed, What Is the body? What Is the mind? What Is “you”?

Through such “consideration”, feel (and be the feeling of) this “ignorance” itself.

That body-transcending, mind-transcending, and ego-transcending feelingignorance is the Most Prior Intuition of What Is (and of The Only One Who Is).


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