Evil 53. Evil Evil

Evil is the unnatural life style of the soul (the real you) when it mistakenly becomes identified with, and assumes to be the physical body-brain, with its self created psychological person-ality. The word evil in this text is used only to describe a condition or state, it is NOT meant to evoke feelings and emotions of guilt, shame or inferiority. (To evoke FEAR, is the first SIGN of a FALSE PROPHET, whether it is a single individual, small group, one of the official religions of the state, or an international institution).

Evil is the incorrect programming of the bio-computer physical brain in which the inner soul, the real you becomes entangled with.

In a complex society where incredible amounts of information about life is created, it is easy for the unmanaged bio-computer (brain) to absorb it all, but without insight, creates its own incorrect program for its own survival, i.e., If thine eye be single one knows what and what not to accept.

The Evil in Man and Religion

The Living God is Present under all conditions. However, the fact is that all conditions may be perceived, experienced, conceived, and altogether known in themselves and for their own sake.

Phenomenal conditions themselves are a force, a machine, a cycle of beginning, change, and end, a destiny, and a presumption that always contain an equal balance of positive and negative factors. The entire realm of phenomena, or "Nature," is, in itself, a binding form, an inevitability that is without freedom or ultimate happiness. The phenomenal realm is, in itself, what has traditionally been called "evil."

Phenomenal conditions, including one's own body-mind, are recognized in Truth only when they are seen arising within or as modifications of the Transcendental Power and Person or Being that is the Living Divine Reality of God. Such recognition, and only such recognition, is the necessary basis of freedom and ultimate happiness. Such recognition, freedom, and happiness, under whatever conditions are presently arising, are what have traditionally been called "goodness."

Many human individuals presume themselves to be religious when they are merely persuaded, in their minds and to a partial degree, by certain consoling ideas, or "beliefs," relative to their own future, the conventional "rightness" of their behaviors, and so forth. Typically "religious" people suffer from profound separative tendencies, fears, and doubts, which are always present in the unliberated psyche of Man in Nature, and which cannot be dissolved by concepts or forces in the superficial mind and body. And, unfortunately, such people project themselves via righteous opinions that tend to exclude and negate other individuals, whose social (and particularly sexual) behaviors and "religious beliefs" are different from their own.

The righteous presumptions and behaviors of superficially and conventionally religious people are a Life-negative and socially pernicious influence, based on a failure to recognize the phenomena of human experience within the Being of the Living God, Who is the ultimate Self and Destiny of all beings, things, and processes. Such individuals give lip service (or mental acknowledgement) to the Divine, because such service consoles them in their fear. But they do not Realize the Living and Present God, and they do not truly serve all beings in love, as an expression of the liberality and wisdom of their prior and eternal happiness.



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