Evolution (of Spirit in Mankind) 55. Evolution (of Spirit in Mankind) Evolution (of Spirit in Mankind)

Everywhere, and at all times, within the perpetual and egoically “self”-perpetuating Great Tradition—or the perpetually seeking “world”-mummery of humankind— individuals and “tribalized” ego-collectives (including both sacred and secular traditions and institutions of all kinds and sizes) engage in arguments and competitive struggles with one another.

The arguments and competitive struggles between individuals and “tribalized” ego-collectives (or traditions and institutions of all kinds and sizes) are, characteristically, communicated and memorialized in the form of mentally (and mostly verbally) conceptualized ideas.     Even though arguments and competitive struggles are everywhere, and by all ego-based individuals and all ego-representing (and ego-serving, and wouldbe ego-extending) traditions and institutions, characteristically communicated and memorialized in the form of mentally (and mostly verbally) conceptualized ideas, all ego-based arguments and competitive struggles are, in every fundamental, essential, and effective sense, primitive power-efforts—and all of them are thoroughly based upon and extended from one or the other ground-pattern of (generally, uninspected, and, therefore, unconscious, or non-conscious) psycho-physical (or pre-verbally brain-and-nervous-system-patterned) structuring associated with the ego-developmental limit (or ego-based stage of life) that is, in any particular instance, being asserted, defended, protected, or otherwise exercised.     Thus, the arguments and competitive struggles everywhere and at all times dramatized by ego-bound individuals and collectives are not, at “root”, exchanges of ideas—or even of fully consciously inspected and thought-responsible “consideration”—but all such arguments and struggles are, fundamentally, only primitive confrontations between underlying egoic psycho-physical patterns (or pre-verbally brain-and-nervous-system-patterned adaptations) of developmental structural design.

That is to say, any and all ideas associated with ego-bound arguments and competitive struggles are merely symptoms (and merely mentalized extensions) of underlying pre-verbally brain-and-nervous-system-patterned adaptations (or psycho-physically patterned sub-structures) of ego-development, limited by the specific potential associated with the stage of life (among the six possible ego-developmental stages of life) dramatized in the particular instance.

All the possible kinds of either actual or potential verbally-conceptualized (or otherwise communicated) argumentation and (thus and thereby) institutionalized competitive struggle are nothing more than primitive power-games, played out between systematically (and pre-verbally) adapted brain-and-nervoussystem- patterned structures of developmentally stage-of-life-limited and egobound human organisms.

In specific “contests”, the differences between the verbal arguments and other competition-devices displayed are also (in addition to the defining stageof- life-characteristics of psycho-physical egoity) modified and further differentiated by “local” influences, associated with individual and institutional time-andplace histories of a geographical, social, cultural, or other kind—but any and all such influences are merely secondary, and not fundamental (and, thus, much less significant, or determinatively consequential than the virtually all-determining stage-of-life-patterning of the ego-based brain and nervous system).

To illustrate this Analysis of human ego-culture, the perennial Western (or Occidental, or Omega-culture, and thoroughly exoteric) arguments and competitive struggles between “religionists” (or “creationists”, or “monotheists”) and “scientific materialists” (or “secular realists”, or “reductive rationalists”) may be here-examined as an exemplary instance. Exoteric “religion”—(including “Creator-God”-monotheism, or “creationist religion”)—is the institutionalization of collective ego-identity (or “tribalized” egoity) in its “sacred” form.

Conventional science—including the scholarly, and the research-oriented, and the (otherwise) technological and corporate industries of “scientific materialism” (or “scientism”), and (altogether) of “secular realism” (and “reductive rationalism”)— is the institutionalization of collective ego-identity (or “tribalized” egoity) in its “secular” form.

The arguments and competitive struggles between “creationists” and “rationalists” relative to the origin and nature of the humanly-“experienced” universe are perennial and fundamental public theatre in the Westernized sectors of the “world”—and no finally or universally satisfactory “resolution” is ever produced by their relentless confrontations.

The Western-“world” theatre of merely exoteric “creationist”/ “rationalist” debate is commonly presented as if it were a confrontation between ideas, but the would-be ideas, on both sides, are always of a fixed, and pre-determined, and oddly mechanical, and merely mutually contradictory nature—and, altogether, of such a nature that the only idea-event of the confrontation is a kind  of predictable, and pre-decided, and always theatrically-dramatized program of propagandistic hyper-statement versus hyper-statement, wherein the individuals, institutions, and traditions, on both sides, remain insular, aggressively “self”-protected, and recurrently (and monotonously) “self”-preserved.



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