Evolution (of Spirit in Mankind) 55. Evolution (of Spirit in Mankind) Evolution (of Spirit in Mankind)

Both institutional monotheistic “creationist-religion” and institutional “scientism” want (and actively seek) to “Rule the world”, by means of globally extended and rigorously exclusive institutional power—and, in order to further that purpose, the various competitive traditions of monotheistic “creationistreligion” and the various competitive institutions of “scientism” constantly engage in highly publicized “creationist”/“rationalist” pseudo-debates.  

If the purpose of “creationist”/“rationalist” debates were for a final and universally satisfactory resolution to actually be achieved—such that Truth Itself, or Reality Itself, were established As Such, and Thus-proposed to all of humankind— An entirely different and superior Address would, necessarily, have to be made (by them) relative to the matters of contention that are so casually, and merely divisively, and “self”-defensively, and in a mere and grossly exoteric manner “argued” by the separate and mutually opposing “creationist” and “rationalist” proponents (who, like separate sacred-versus-secular “Rulers” of an otherwise presumed-to-be-single “Church-and-State”, always manage, even by pseudo-debate, to re-assert their traditional divisive and “self”-divided power over at least the Western and “Westernized” ego-“world”). The “creationist”/“rationalist” debate is a public theatre of ego-based powergames, which pretends to be Truth’s own arena of ideas, but which, in fact, is a grossly and merely exoterically dramatized theatre of primitive and irreconcilable confrontation between first-three-stages-of-life-based fixed modes of preverbally brain-and-nervous-system-patterned structures of ego-based psychophysical adaptation.

Every ego-developmental stage of life unconsciously (or, in any case, inevitably) “self”-reveals itself verbally by particular and characteristic fixed ideas— and neither the fixed ideas of the “creationists” nor the fixed ideas of the “rationalists” are any more rational, true, or closer to The egoless Reality-Truth than the fixed ideas of the opposing other.

The ego-bound (and pre-verbally brain-and-nervous-system-patterned) fixed ideas of “creationists” (and “religionists” in general) are direct extensions of first-and-second-stage-of-life infantile-and-childish-dependency patterning. The ego-bound (and pre-verbally brain-and-nervous-system-patterned) fixed ideas of “rationalists” (and “scientific materialists” in general) are direct extensions of third-stage-of-life adolescent-independence patterning. In cases of individuals and institutions that argue for a combination of both “religionist” and “scientific” views, what is being dramatized is a middle-of-theroad “adolescent-versus-child” ambivalence, representing a yet-unresolved developmental conflict between infantile/childish dependence and adolescent independence

In due course, the power of “religion” to console the infantile and childish ego must be out-grown, and the power of “worldly realism”, and “gross rationalism”, and “scientific materialism” to fascinate and retard the clever adolescent ego (and, otherwise, to defeat the infantile or childish ego) must be out-grown, and the power of the middle-of-the-road to seduce and entrap the developmentally compromised first-three-stages-of-life ego must be out-grown, and ego itself (altogether, and in all of its exoteric and esoteric stages of life) must be out-grown—but Truth Itself, Which Is Only Intrinsically egoless Reality Itself, can never be out-grown.

Truth Itself Is The necessary Realization That Awakens when all the egobased and ego-serving alternatives are—with ego itself—all and Perfectly out grown.  In any and every case, the arguments and competitive struggles between human egos—and, altogether, between ego-based human collectives of every type and size—are based in (and fixed and determined by) developmentallylimited adaptation-patterns of one or another basic six-stages-of-life psychophysical (or stage-specific, and pre-verbally brain-and-nervous-system-patterned) type.

All ideas communicated and memorialized within the mutually competitive cultures (and among the mutually competing culture-speaking individuals) of the human “world”-mummery of egos are merely the characteristic fixed (and iconically ego-representing) features of the underlying pre-verbally brain-andnervous- system-patterned ego-structure (necessarily and specifically associated with and limited by one or another of the first six, or ego-developmental, stages of life) that characterizes the any particular instance (whether individual or collective).

The characteristic fixed (and stage-of-life-specific) psycho-physical (or preverbally brain-and-nervous-system-patterned) ego-structure, and not merely the idea-stance, is, in any and every particular instance, the precise element that must, ultimately, be understood and transcended—or else Truth Itself can never Be the resolution of any human discourse.

Truth Itself Is the only universally satisfactory resolution of any and all of ego-bound competitive argument and struggle.

Truth Itself is neither “Western” nor “Eastern”—neither conventionally and egoically exoteric nor conventionally and egoically esoteric. Truth Itself Is Only Reality Itself—Perfectly Prior to every individual or (otherwise) collectivized ego-“I”.

The Truth That Is Reality Itself Is The Perfect “Tool” and “Craft”—or The Perfect Disposition and Way—for all of egoless “Perfect Knowledge” and (Thus) all of egoless Self-Realization.

The Only Perfect Disposition—in Which all of non-unity, all of fruitless argument, all of institutionalized competitive ego-struggle, all of perennial human ego-disputation, and all of egoity itself is Priorly Confounded and Priorly Nonarising— Is That of Intrinsically egoless “Perfect Knowledge” of Reality Itself. (the Aletheon)



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