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All presumption of separateness - and even of bondage - is an illusion.

All seeking (or ego-effort, based on the presumption of separateness, and even bondage) is a false (or Truthless) path, without The Foundation of Reality (or Truth) Itself.

Therefore, you presume a separate "self", a psycho-physically separate persona (or ego-"I") -- and all your "problems" (and all your seekings) arise on that basis.

Such is the activity of "ego" -- and as long as that activity is operative, it rules every aspect of life. The current state of global crisis -- relative to the Earth itself, the destruction of the non-human world, and all the conflicts between the Earth's human inhabitants -- is the devastating result of the universal commitment of human beings to the "point of view" of separate and conditional reality.

To know REALITY Itself requires an absolute shift from the "point of view" of conditional reality. The Inherent View of REALITY is not that of a separate, individual self -- and, therefore, by definition, the individual self, or ego, cannot make that Realization occur. In fact, there is no action or technique that can make that Realization occur. There is no earnest aspiration or well-intentioned practice of body or mind that can break through the ego-limit of conditional reality. Only the profound and true response to the Intervention of Reality Itself can break the ego-spell. Reality Itself--instead of the contraction into separate self--must be "Located" and "Known", at every level of the being.

- F. Jones

The working-presumption of "PRIOR UNITY" - rather than the search for unity - is the right and true context for all human exchanges. If there is the working-presumption of "PRIOR UNITY", then ego-surrendering cooperation and tolerance make perpetual human peace. If there is no working presumption of "PRIOR UNITY", then human interactions become a mere game of competitive egos. And that competitive game is, now, on the verge of destroying humankind and the Earth itself - even at every level of ordinary, and natural, and economic, and political, and, altogether, social life. That competitive and, at last, constantly confrontational ego-game is a struggle that inevitably occurs in every context of presumed non-unity and separateness - thus producing a situation in which everybody is trying to dominate everybody else. That relentlessly competitive and confrontational situation is a lunatic-asylum game that, ultimately, threatens the very survival of life on Earth...

People commonly presume unity to be a positive value. But they are typically thinking of unity as something to be "worked toward". "Working toward" unity is not what I am talking about. I am talking about "PRIOR UNITY". I am talking about people entering into a dialogue that is based on the working-presumption of "PRIOR UNITY", and non-separateness, and zeroconfrontation, and global indivisibility, and the absolute Law of unbreakable peace - rather than a status quo based on the ego-based presumption of separateness, and conflict, and competition.

- From "Not Two is Peace" by F. Jones


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