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     The image" of God that has been "created" by the major world religions is a "false concept" of the "Real G.O.D.". This false concept which states that God is a "Being" separate from all mankind and seperate from all "creation" has sent mankind down the "wrong path" and turns humanity away from the True "inner path" of real Spiritual and Religious "Evolution." These man made "concepts" create even more "concepts" which further seperates mankind from the Real Universal Living G.O.D. (that exists as all things and All Human beings) and from one another (man against man and nation against nation.) The " Real G.O.D." that IS being Re-discovered by science and research in the fields of "Consciousness", Eternal Energy which follows the "Law of Energy Conservation" (i.e. "energy cannot be created nor destroyed ...only changed", therefore Consciousness is "ETERNAL"), in fields of Quantum Physics , i.e. the Spiral Helix in "string theory", is the same Spiral Helix of all DNA structures which IS materialized or manifested light (living light or conscious light), this "is" the " Real G.O.D.", future hope and "common unity" of all humanity.

* Note: The universal scientific understanding today is the same universal understanding of the ancient "Wisemen" (and women), only the terminology is different. Those rare individuals who do find their way (evolved) to perfect consciousness (Spirit- Enlightenment) become the "True leaders", "Teachers" and "Examples" for mankind (man-ifested kind) and "Profess" that ALL humans have the same "Spiritual Potential" and, along with the fact that in this final stage of Evolution, ALL human beings are the "Co-Creators" of the planet earth and are NOW "Responsable" for the "Creation" of "World Peace", "Self Evolution " and the "Evolution" of others.

G.O.D. = the Generating-Organizing-Disolving cycle of all nature by "living light" (conscious light)


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