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The threefold nature of God in Hindu scripture, is: "Brahma," the creator, "Vishnu," the preserver, and "Shiva," the destroyer-renovator.

A different "concept" from the Trinitarian "reality:" Sat, Tat, Aum or Father, son, holy ghost. Brahma- Vishnu-Shiva represents the Triune expression of God in the aspect of "Tat" or "Son." The "Christ consciousness" (imminent in vibratory creation. The "Shaktis:" Energies or "consorts" of the Trinity, are symbols of "Aum" (Om, Amen) or the holy ghost, the sole causative force that upholds the cosmos through vibration (the word).


The "same" God is worshiped by all. The differences of conception and approach are determined by local coloring and social adaptations. All manifestations belong to the same supreme being.


"Generative of all, the unity is none of all, neither thing nor quality, nor intellect nor soul, not in motion, not at rest, not in place, not in time: It is the self-defined, unique in form or, better, formless, existing before "form" was or "movement" or at "rest." All of which are attachments of "being" and make "being" the manifold it is."


The name God comes from the three cycles of nature:

  Human: Universe:
     G. or Generating Being born Creation
     O. or Organizing Stable life, living Evolution
     D. or Dissolving Dying Dissolving


God "prior" to or "transcendental" to nature has no name, but it can be called consciousness or spirit.

The "Holy trinity" of God is:

God, Prior (outside) of creation   = Father

God, As creation or manifested   = Son

God, In creation, as a living human   = Holy Spirit

Sometimes creation or son of God is called the Mother of God or Mother-Nature because all things are born from it.

The son of God also refers to a human who "attains" God – self – realization; also called Christhood, Son of Tao, Son of Zeus, etc.

God, or universal consciousness, has no human attributes. It is pure consciousness in the eternal state of "SELF-AWARENESS." (NOT SELF CONSCIOUSNESS).

For the "Father" (consciousness spirit) judges no one, but has committed all judgment to the "Son" (Son of God in the form of the holy spirit or Christ consciousness).

-Jesus, John 5:22

God did not make the world; God became the world (creation).



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