Heaven Above 74. Heaven Above Heaven Above

Heaven above, or the abode and place of God (consciousness in the form of SELF AWARENESS) is above, or the highest "Chakra," which is located in the brain center. It is "ABOVE" the other lower six Chakra's. Chakra's are spiritual centers or centers of "consciousness."

As a human being evolves or actually returns to his original divine condition, his consciousness leaves the lower or animal (physical) centers and moves upward to the higher centers and then finally after subduing the lower centers he attains the final center "ABOVE" all the rest.

To keep the seventh or sabbath holy is not referring to a day of the week (Sunday).

The highest center, or the attainment of self-realization "above" the lower centers is also called Satori, Nirvana, Tao, Paradise, Eden, Christhood, etc., etc., etc.






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