Hell 75. Hell Hell

Being separate from God means the same thing as being identified with the physical body-brain and its self created psychological person-ality. In a state of spiritual enlightenment you are one and the same as God. To leave your true natural center and become identified with the body-brain-personality is the condition of separation, from a universal state of mind to a limited state or condition of the mind, from KNOWING that you are ETERNAL SPIRIT to believing you are the mortal physical body and brain. This is the condition and meaning of Hell, in hell you are CONCEALED from God.

The WORST thing about hell is that you don't know that you are ALREADY in it.

When one becomes IDENTIFIED with the body-brain-personality one automatically forgets one's original spiritual state, one feels that even though one is suffering in life it is a natural condition, nothing could be further from the truth. When one seeks the SPIRITUAL KINGDOM WITHIN one has the REVELATION and REMEMBRANCE of what one actually is, one is SPIRIT and NOT the physical body-brain personality.

In the western religions it is taught that when one goes to hell (after physical death) that it is FOREVER! In the eastern schools of spiritual development it is taught that one is already in a hellish state of existence, but one can practice meditation and save one's self by returning and remembering one's true and original spiritual state of being. When in hell, God cannot be found, when in Heaven (enlightenment) hell does not exist any longer.

In Matthew 5:1-48, Jesus is teaching how to be perfect "just as your Father in Heaven is perfect." Jesus speaks of the left hand and right hand, i.e., the true inner self and the outer egocentric self.

This chapter describes meditation in which you are not letting your psychological self (ego-I) know what your true inner self is doing.

In the practice of being perfect spirit, you are not identifying with the false self, the ego-I, your spiritual self is not using the physical self as a POINT OF REFERENCE or POINT OF VIEW. This is why the body and brain are shut down or turned off during meditation. The inner self cannot be turned off, but it can be suppressed by the egocentric personality of the body.

Imagine there's no heaven (outside of us), it's easy if you try. No hell below us, and above us only sky.

-John Lennon

Earthly hells are not to be confused with astral hells, which do exist.

The worst thing about hell is that an individual cannot understand that they are in fact already in it, and have fallen into it by identifying their pure consciousness with the physical body and its limited self created personality, which is not God.

"No Man Does Wrong Knowingly" -Socrates

This means, that when any person KNOWS-THY-SELF to be eternal spirit, they would not knowingly or willingly give up that divine state for the egocentric state which is the "WRONG" state to experience life. One would not "BRING FORTH THAT WHICH IS WITHIN" and then relinquish it.



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