Immortal Medicine 84. Immortal Medicine Immortal Medicine

Meditation-cultivation is the immortal medicine which will cure the problems of mankind and will lead to eternal life. It was also called Alchemy.

Each person contains their own medicine or "cure."

When one is sick of being sick, then one can cure one's sickness.*

-Lao Tzu

Becoming identified and associated with the physical body-brain and its own self created psychological person-ality, the ego-I mentality causes the soul, the real eternal you, to become subject to the physical and psychological suffering of the physical body-brain. (A divine animal).

Alchemy is a metaphor for the practice of meditation. Turning lead into gold means turning a gross person into a golden person, from the egoic self to the spiritual self. The same as being BORN AGAIN from the first man, man dust, to the second man or heavenly man (As stated in the Christian Bible).

The ancient practice of meditation is the FOUNTAIN OF ETERNAL LIFE.

Sometimes meditation is called cultivation because the inner true self is like a pearl which takes time to grow, or bring forth.

"The soul is more important than the body."



*One who returns his/her mind to its prior and natural state through the practice of meditation, becomes "unsick" and therefore attains (actually returns) to one's true and prior state of universal mindedness and mental health.

When one is tired of being entangled and dominated by the physical body and egoic mind, one can find a way back to self control and peace of mind as eternal spirit.


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