Knowledge (Big Bang of Creation) 91. Knowledge (Big Bang of Creation) Knowledge (Big Bang of Creation)

The Practical Necessity of Wisdom

Experience and knowledge are forms of our conventional or ordinary self-fulfillment. They are not, in general, to be avoided since they belong to the appropriate stages of our developmental growth. However, we must likewise grow in the more primary sense – in wisdom, love, or spiritual maturity. Experience and knowledge, in themselves, contribute to our sense of independence, and they effectively separate us from the processes, relations, beings, or objects by which they are generated. But wisdom, love, or spiritual awakening establishes us again in sublime continuity with all beings, things, processes, and their single mystery.

-Franklin Jones

"He only is wise who devotes himself to realizing, not reading only, the ancient revelations.

Solve all your problems through meditation, exchange unprofitable speculations for actual "God-communion."

-Lahiri Mahasaya

The broad sympathies and discerning insight needed for healing of earthly woes cannot flow from a mere intellectual consideration of human diversities, but from knowledge of men's deepest unity – kinship with God. Toward realization of the world's highest ideal – place through brotherhood – may the science of personal communion with the divine (meditation) spread in time to all men in all lands.


Most individuals look outwardly for what is right and wrong, thus arguments are established among intellectuals and differences in ideology are increasing and incessantly produced. Although they "perceive" a distinction between right and wrong in their thoughts, there is truly no end to the expedition or the relative sphere. Unless one works to understand the function of the conceptual mind, through self cultivation, mediation, and a choice less awareness which develops insights, mankind will fail to know that all differences and opposites share the same origin, and all voices come from the same silent source. This is how the ancient spiritually developed beings set the direction of self cultivation in attaining spiritual development and evolution.

-Hua Ching Ni

An excellent or perfect memory is not true intelligence. How to use that memory for the benefit of mankind is true intelligence, or wisdom.

He who regards his knowledge as ignorance has deep insight. He who regards his ignorance as definite truth is deeply sick. Only when one is sick of this sickness can one cease to be sick. One who returns his mind to simplicity is not sick because he knows his conceptual knowledge is not "truth."

-Lau Tzu

God-self-realization is the highest I.Q.

Memory comes from the physical brain. Intuition comes from the spiritual mind.

Knowledge that knows that it does not know, is the highest form of knowledge. -Chuang Tzu

The knowledge of objects does not set you free, since it is the knower (rather than the known) that knows itself to be bound. Freedom can only be realized by transcending the subject (or knower) of knowledge, not by increasing the objects of knowledge. Therefore, freedom is not realized even in the attainment of an ultimate object of mere (or conditional) knowledge.

-Franklin Jones


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