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Only the inner life is real in the condition of: SPIRITUAL SELF AWARENESS which is prior to and inner witness the outer body, mind and thought patterns which form the imaginary psychological ego and its separative and narcissistic mentality of I am this body, I am not God, but was made by God to express myself and achieve greatness.

That which most people call life is really death.

That which most people call life (much activity) is really death. Only in stillness (of the mind) can one find life, and that life which is found in stillness is "eternal life."

He who has much of the world has much of nothing.

-St. Francis

Enlightenment and self realization should be the true science and occupation of mankind.

When the Buddha said that "life is pain" he was referring to the outer egoic life. The life that is SEPARATED from SELF REALIZATION and God union, is painful.

The inner life is the only true evolution of mankind. The outer life of science and technology, even if it is beneficial to humanity, is only temporary and does not lead to eternal life. Science and technology should provide the leisure time needed to pursue more important internal and inward pursuits of the true meaning and purpose of life.

External life is based on "gratification" of the ego and of the senses and pleasure.

The most important things to learn in life are what not to do.

When a spiritual teacher, master Guru or Sage states: ENJOY YOUR LIFE AS LONG AS YOU LIVE ON THE EARTH, they are referring to the experiencing the physical life from the independent inner state of spiritual self realization, one's true and natural state of being, NOT from the physical-sensory state.

To be free and/or natural does not mean that a person can or should follow every impulse, desire or thought that come to one. To be truly free is to have self control to choose between that which is proper and that which is not proper or harmful to another person in the physical, mental or spiritual.

To follow every impulse or thought as it comes along is the definition of insanity.

There is another realm that is non-contiguous (not connected) with the material reality, a realm of form which actually accounted for the form in which material reality manifested.



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