Life (Transcending) 96. Life (Transcending) Life (Transcending)


Do not accept the “idea” of ego-“I”, or separate “self”.

Do not (in any moment, context, or apparent situation of relatedness) believe.

Do not “worship” (or irreducibly “objectify”, fixedly adhere to, or identify with) any concept at all.

Merely participate in Reality Itself.(consciousness -prior to body,mind and all things)

Only participate in Reality Itself.

Always whole bodily—or as a psycho-physical totality—participate in Reality Itself.

Whole bodily—or total psycho-physical—participation in Reality Itself is not a mentally-directed (or a willfully ego-directed) emotional and physical process, or “technique”, or search, but, rather, it is a tacit (or intrinsically searchless), and non-conceptual, and non-reactively and unobstructedly (or limitlessly) feeling, and (also) physically unobstructed process, or ecstatic (and, thus, intrinsically ego-transcending) event.

Thus—by always and only and whole bodily tacitly and searchlessly participating in Reality Itself—Self-Realize (or Self-Apprehend, or Self-Apperceive) and Be The Intrinsic Self-Nature, Self- Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.

Being Thus Is Intrinsic egolessness—The Intrinsic egolessness That Is Reality Itself.

True Self-Realization is not ego-Realization.

True Self-Realization Is Intrinsic Realization of The Intrinsic egolessness of Reality Itself—Which Is The Intrinsic Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of every one, and of all, and of every “thing”, and of All.



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