Meditation 106. Meditation Meditation

There is another realm that is non-contiguous (not connected) with the material reality, a realm of form which actually accounted for the form in which material reality manifested.


Meditate, med'i tat, medical, the process of healing, to cure, to cognate, Latin mediator, meditatus.

Meditation in its correct definition is the practice of returning to our prior, original consciousness or spirit by the disassociation and not identifying with the physical body-brain-and its self created psychological person-ality, the ego-I condition.

Meditation is the non-rational exercise of consciousness to return to its prior and natural state of eternal SELF-realization, the real you, which gradually disassociates and becomes unidentified with the physical body-brain and its self created psychological person-ality in order to return, re-enter and reconnect to its (your) true and original condition which brings the REVELATION and REMEMBRANCE of what you actually are and all ways have been, but have forgotten because you were PRE-OCCUPIED with the material realm and your material body with its sensations. Meditation is the natural method of realizing and understanding the inner world of spiritual awareness prior to creation.

Meditation is the natural method and process which leads to the experience and personal understanding of a spiritual and/or religious truth. It is an important part of all religions, but it is not necessarily a religious or spiritual practice, i.e., Meditation-cultivation is an inherent desire of the inner soul, the Holy Spirit, the SELF, the real and eternal you, to return to its original state. Meditation is NOT a CREATION or INVENTION of any religion, spiritual school or ancient tradition.

Meditation is the ancient scientific teaching which unites the inner SELF to the universal SELF.

The desire to meditate is the desire of the soul to be free of suffering and the sensations of dis-ease and once again to be at-ease, at REST, as eternal spirit-consciousness in the form of SELF-AWARENESS.

Meditation is the way to salvation. The original and only sin is when the TRUE SELF identifies with the physical body-brain-person-ality.

Meditation is the returning to ones true, natural and original eternal state as spirit. Attaining (actually returning) to the Christ consciousness is how the Christ condition (not Jesus) saves the self, i.e., You!

Meditation was known as the IMMORTAL MEDICINE in Taoism, it was also called ALCHEMY by the GREEK MYSTERY SCHOOLS, THE GNOSTICS, ESSENCES, KABBALHISTS and other secret esoteric schools. The process of purifying the spirit, soul, or SELF is the disassociation from the material (gross element, (lead, a metaphor) to the pure spirit (or gold, a metaphor). Metaphors had to be used to protect the teachers of this ancient secret practice. It would have been called blasphemy by the accepted religions of the state and was punishable by death.

Meditation is basically SHUTTING DOWN the body and brain to its lowest state, like putting the body and brain to SLEEP but staying ALERT and AWAKE INSIDE to experience the true and pure spirit of yourself.


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