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All modes of human “religion” and “science” are “point-of-view”-based systems of presumed “knowledge” that prescribe and limit what is “known” and define what is “allowable” to be “known”. All modes of human “religion” and “science” are attempts to “tribalize”—and, thus, to “localize” and control—”knowledge”, such that it characterizes and protects a collective political, social, and cultural mode of mind.

All modes of human “religion” and “science” are systematic patterns of mind that are impulsed to acquire or assimilate particular “subjects” (or conceptually and perceptually identified pattern-fields of apprehension), in order—by “objectifying”, naming, categorizing, symbolically representing, and systematically “interiorizing” and “enclosing” them—to appropriate, exploit, control, replace, and, ultimately, eviscerate and annihilate them.

All modes of human “religion” and “science” are “tribal” artifacts of the human ego-”world” of presumed psycho-physically separate “identities”, wherein the will to survive by competitive efforts demonstrates itself by acts of will, in order to dominate the “subjects” (or patterns) that are conceived and perceived as threats to collective (and, by implication, individual, and even personal) survival, pleasure, well-being, and independence.

All modes of human “religion” and “science” seek to dominate both Non-conditional (or Divine) and conditional (or temporal and spatial) “subjects”, via substitution ideas—either by means of sacred conceptual and/or perceptual language (such as “Deity” myths and otherwise “religious” modes of philosophical language) or by means of secular conceptual and/or perceptual language (such as “materiality” myths and otherwise “scientific” modes of philosophical language).

All modes of human “religion” or “science”—including all “Deity” myths (or “God”-ideas) and all “materiality” myths (or “objective-reality”-ideas)—are artifacts of the human ego-effort to protect and extend the “local interests” of human collectives, by means of idea-invocation, wherein and whereby Reality Itself (Which Is Intrinsically egoless, Indivisible, Non-separate, and Merely Acausally Present As the Context of all apparently arising conditions) is identified as an opponent, “objectified” as an other, invoked as an ally, indulged and exploited as a captive, and, at last, desecrated and destroyed as a convicted criminal and victim.

Reality Itself cannot be “known”, controlled, or destroyed.

Reality Itself is not a “Deity”, or a “material entity”, or an “object” of any kind.

Reality Itself Is Self-Evidently Divine—and all-and-All must be Intrinsically and Perfectly Subordinated to

Reality Itself in order (Thus and Thereby) to Realize Intrinsic (and Perfectly Subjective) Coincidence and

Perfect Self-Apprehension (or Intrinsic Self-Apperception) of the Perfectly egoless and Absolutely Non-dual

Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State That Is Reality Itself.



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