Perfection 122. Perfection Perfection

Blessed are you when you become UNIDENTIFIED with the physical body-brain and the subject-object mentality which Judges and causes hatred in your heart. KNOW THY SELF and become a PASSERBY in the world. Then you shall be PERFECT SELF, even as your father which is in heaven is PERFECT SELF."

-Jesus, Matthew 5:48

God is pure consciousness or spirit, perfect SELF AWARENESS without movement. For anyone to achieve (actually return to) perfection, one has to worship God in spirit or become like God in spirit, that is, during meditation one becomes disassociated with the physical body-brain and its self created psychological person-ality with a subject-object mentality and therefore becomes (worships in) perfect consciousness.

True worship is, to seek what is called divine "love-union." Only when one is perfect in consciousness can one understand perfection as pure SELF AWARENESS. To love something is to have the desire to be LIKE that which is loved, and ONE with that which is loved.





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