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The scientific description of light as an appearance characterized by both “particles” and “waves” is further explained (and unified) if light is understood (and observed) to be always in a spiral (or helix) form—like the material form of DNA (which is, itself, a direct materialization of the structure of light). (1.)

If a spiral-form is seen at its point of rotation (or its crossover joint), it is observable as a “particle”—and if the same spiral-form is seen with reference to its limbs of rotation (before or after its point of rotation, or its crossover joint), it is observable as a “wave”.

So, also, light is observable as both “particle” and “wave”—depending on which phase of its process is observed by attention (or “point of view”, or ego-“I”) in time and space.

A vibrating string can be seen to demonstrate the same spiraliform gait as any mode of observable light—and, so, as a kind of poetic inspiration, modern scientists have proposed numerous “string theories”, in their search for the “knowledge” that will “explain everything”.

Nevertheless, whether light is observed (and, thus, understood) as a “particle” or as a “wave” or as a “string”, that observation (or understanding) is, itself, an act of perspectival “objectification”, wherein and whereby Reality Itself is reduced—by the very act of observation, or understanding, or mental fabrication—to a relation (and, thus, a subordinate) of attention, or “point of view”, or ego-“I”.

The ancient and modern perspectival “objectification” of Reality Itself as either “Deity”, or “self” or “world” has historically extended the naïve illusion (or naïve “realism”, or ego-based illusionism) of separateness, relatedness, otherness, and “difference” that is inherent to the space-time-“self-locatedness” of attention, or “point of view”, or ego-“I”.

An “object” is (or appears as) an “object” only because it is being perceived or conceived from a “point of view” in space and time.

Therefore, What Is The Nature, Condition, or State of an “object” when “it” is not being viewed from any “point of view” in space and time?

Apart from “point of view”, are there any “objects” (as such)—or any “differences” at all?

Or, rather, if all possible “objects” (or “differences”) are simultaneously existing—as they must be, unless and until “point of view” differentiates and particularizes them—then What Is The Nature, Condition, or State of that simultaneous totality?

The “world” of memory and perception and all of thinking is a “point-of-view”-fabrication.

The “experientially” (and, thus, conditionally) “known world” is brain’s illusion of “out there”, devised by attention’s perspective and made important by the persistence of ego-“I” (or the presumption of separate “self”).

Apart from the defining and categorizing done by ego-“I”, What Is That Totality Beyond perspective, and thought, and every now of time, and every place of space-“locatedness”?

That “What” Is The Only “Universe” That Really Is.

Note: (1.) The ancient term for this energy was "prana" (Hinduism) and chi (Taoism) and was the concept for acupuncture. (life force).  In the original Christian and mystic traditions, it was called “life breath” or “pneuma” or spirit.

John’s gospel Teaches that the “Living God” is “Spirit.”  That is, God is eternally Present as the All Pervading Life-Power, with which, therefore, every living being may Commune directly.  In fact, the Living God is so intimate with Man that the word “Pneuma” or “Life-Breath” or “Spirit” is used by John the Beloved to describe God.  And God is said to be identical to the Spirit, or the Living Energy that pervades the world, and that pervades the nervous system of Man, and that every one of us can contact via the bodily process of breathing and feeling.  Indeed, John says not only that Jesus Taught that God is the Living Spirit (rather than the idea of God as abstracted Creator), but that he Taught that the Way to worship God is to worship in the Spirit.  That is, Jesus Taught a method of worship that involved ecstatic bodily Communion with the Life-Power via breathing and feeling, based on Truth (or an awakened and secret understanding of the Divine Reality).

- John 4:24




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