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Revelation: Latin, revelato, that which is revealed or made known something secret and esoteric, spiritual, made known by experience spiritual insight and spiritual intuition, the Greek word for revelation is APOCALYPSE, from Apokalypto, which also means to discover, reveal, and expose a hidden secret and true knowledge of spiritual matters. True KNOWLEDGE of the ORIGINAL spiritual condition is GNOSIS (from the Greek) and is the foundation of Gnosticism and is also found in the Eastern spiritual schools of Hinduism, buddhism and original ancient Taoism.

The body of revelations (spiritual secrets described in metaphors) is the revelation of Jesus who became a Christ which God gave to him to show his servants - things which must SHORTLY TAKE PLACE, and he sent and signified it by his angel to his servant John.

-The Revelation 1:1

Revelation, (The understanding that we are INHERENT SPIRITUAL BEINGS) was the PEAK EXPERIENCE of the MYSTERY SCHOOLS of the Hellemistic world. This revelation produced the inner vision and direct experience of the divine condition of each human being.

The awakening of the occult cerebrospinal centers (chakras, astral lotuses) is the sacred goal of the yogi (seeker of God union). Western exegetes have not understood that the "New Testament" chapter of "Revelations" contains the symbolic exposition of a yogic science, taught to John and other close disciples by Lord Jesus. John mentions (Rev. 1:20) the "mystery" of the "seven stars" and the "seven churches." These symbols refer to the seven lotuses of light, described in yoga treatises as the seven "trapdoors" in the cerebrospinal axis. Through these divinely planned "exists," the yogi, by scientific meditation, escapes from the bodily prison and resumes his true identity as spirit. The seventh center, the "thousand petaled lotus" in the brain, is the throng of the "infinite consciousness." In the state of divine illumination the yogi is said to perceive Brahma or God the creator, "Padmaja," "the one born of the lotus."


The REVELATION is that we are IMMORTAL not mortal, that we are ETERNAL SPIRIT, not the physical body-brain.

The Christ consciousness (God in and as creation) expressing itself THROUGH Jesus as the only-begotten who declares God, unseen by man, has manifested himself. Jesus is not only the revelation, but is the reveler and teacher and attests to what he has seen and knows. The teaching of Jesus is not his own, but the teaching of God who sent him (John 7:16) he proclaims the truth (that mankind is God materialized and manifested) which he has heard spoken (experienced first hand) by the one who sent him (John 8:26) he speaks of what he has seen WITH the father (John 8:38) the father who sent him (came through him) commands him what to say. (John 12:49). Do you not believe that I am in the father, and the father in me? The words that I speak to you I do not speak on my own authority (are from the Christ condition, not from the man Jesus) but the father who dwells in me does the works. (John 14:10). (The father manifesting through me, the coming forth the SECOND TIME, and teaching others to do the same).

The previous statement was the description of Jesus the man attaining (actually returning to) his original and previous true state of SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT and BRINGING IT FORTH as the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS ( God on and in the earth plane) to TESTIFY, SERVE AS EVIDENCE and to TEACH others that this PROCESS is THE PURPOSE OF LIFE.


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