Sanity 143. Sanity Sanity

True sanity is finding and becoming the true (immortal) SELF.

What is psychological disorder and what is required for fundamental psychological change? In our culture there are conflicting points of view about the proper approach to dealing with one's own or other's psychological problems. And the underlying principles from which these approaches are drawn are in even greater conflict. Can the mind, the nature of consciousness, its relationship to human suffering, and the potential for change be understood?


Franklin Jones States:

While humankind is collectively insane, and becoming more and more insane day by day, the mosquitoes and the frogs and the fish are all still sane -- unless they are confined, or trapped, or abused, or otherwise too much influenced by human beings who are insane. Thus, the insanity being manifested by humankind in this "latetime" is not shared by the rest of the conditional domain (except where inordinate human influence have been imposed). Flowers are not insane, yet – except, perhaps, some hybrid varieties, "made" by human beings. Fish are not insane, yet – except, perhaps, some hybrid varieties that because of their overlarge heads (and such). Cannot swim, and cannot eat, and , therefore cannot survive. Even the "edible" animals are not insane, yet – except, perhaps, some enslaved varieties, buckled and fenced into feeding confinements, unable to rest into Contemplation because of the material stresses by which their human keepers mock and reduce their lives. These "invented" and enslaved non-humans have been manipulated into suffering and insanity through the intervention of insanely clever human beings! But, apart from such hybridization and enslavement, which does result in negative signs, the non-humans – including all the plants and trees – are not, yet, insane.

However, there is much inordinate influence by insane humanity that is affecting the larger picture of the world. Terrible weather patterns, terrible natural environmental patterns of all kinds, and even terrible (and powerfully "cure"-resistant) diseases are appearing all over the world, and these are the products of an over-powerful, insane humanity – which is an entire species confined to itself, an ego-machine that exploits and destroys all that is "good", and that (in its "dark" point of view) reduces even Reality (Itself) to a loveless "Thing" of meaningless motions and grotesque always already death.

There have always been insane human beings, but, in earlier times, they were not as powerful as they have become in this "late-time". It is only in this "late-time" that human beings have become capable of producing effects that can change even global weather patterns, and global ecological patterns of all kinds. But human beings have always been insane in the domain of politics, for example. For countless centuries, wherever human beings, in their egoity, have been insanity and conflict. But now, in its motion into the twenty-first century, the insanity of mankind is influencing even the larger picture of the human natural circumstance. And this must be changed – or there is going to be a terrible, horrific calamity on Earth! Such a calamity is not yet inevitable, but it will occur if there is not a fundamental transformation of mankind – in its heart and mind, and in its endeavors. A fundamental rightening of the world-process, must occur, because mankind is now having a profoundly negative effect on the human world-process, and even on the larger natural domain of the world.

-Franklin Jones


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