Alchemy (Mysticism) 5. Alchemy (Mysticism) Alchemy (Mysticism)

One overrides the process of normal evolution involving countless incarnations where the soul is led by desire and attachment to the temporal which keeps one bound to the cycle of birth and death. The experience of the phenomenal world and its associated pleasures do not give lasting happiness. Humans are programmed by nature to continually seek happiness which is essentially a search for ones true self. For most, happiness is sought outwards in temporal pleasure. Self-realization is about turning inwards and finding eternal happiness, peace, and fulfillment. The trials, tribulations, and lessons of life reach their culmination and fulfillment in self-realization. One transcends phenomenal creation and realizes the infinite source of creation within. With this awakening of awareness, one sees all of creation as an aspect of ones self. Alchemy accelerates the process of evolution thereby allowing one to step off the wheel of birth and death. One transcends desire, duality, karma, space, and time. Ones true nature is realized which is infinite.

The Mystery

The most revealed and clear presentation of the inner alchemical meditations currently comes from the Taoist perspective. You can also find parallel meditations in Tantric alchemy plus the alchemy of the Kabbalah, however they tend not to be as well defined as the Taoist. The foundation practice in Taoist alchemy is the circulation of ones Chi or internal energy in a circle within the body.

Besides the Microcosmic Orbit meditation, other meditations of Taoist alchemy are known as Fusion of the Five Elements, Lesser, Greater, Greatest Kan (Water) and Li (Fire), Sealing of the Five Senses, Congress of Heaven and Earth, and Union of Human and Tao. The Tao can be defined as the way of the transcendent or God realization.

The head center is called the Crystal Palace or Heavenly Heart in Taoist alchemy and the Cave of Brahma in Tantric alchemy. The head center contains the pineal and pituitary gland which is considered male and female in polarity. The pineal corresponds with the Ajna or Third Eye chakra and the pituitary corresponds with the Sahasrara or Thousand Petaled Lotus chakra. It is said an arc or spark of energy takes place between the pineal and pituitary relating to illumination. The pineal is related to the hormone Melatonin and the pituitary is related to the hormone Serotonin. The regulation of mood is related to Serotonin.

It is interesting to note that the Great Pyramid of Egypt is said to have been the place of alchemical initiation. It is likely the Great Pyramid is an exoteric representation of the internal anatomy. The grand stairway relates to the spine. The King and Queens chamber relates to the pineal and pituitary. Also there is the relation to the solar plexus since Pyra means Fire and Mid means Middle, hence Pyramid meaning Middle Fire. The advanced meditations of Taoist alchemy employs the external energy of stars to hasten the creation of the internal Spirit Body. The seven stars of Ursa Major and Polaris are aligned within the microcosm of the body. This likely has correlation with the star shafts of the Great Pyramid. It is interesting how Polaris corresponds with the Bindu or Axis of Transcendence and the seven stars corresponds with the charkas and the Seven Rishi Seers who cognized the Vedas.



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