Alpha-Omega 6. Alpha-Omega Alpha-Omega

The supreme is the seminal reason of the world. All beings result from the impregnation of matter through "logoi spermatikoi" or animating souls. Through them God carries out his work in the world. These seed logos are the ideal forms of matter into beings. The ideas, the pattern of things to be, are all in God. Every possibility of manifestation has its roots in a corresponding possibility in the unmanifest, wherein it subsists as in its eternal cause, of which the manifestation is an affirmation. God has eternal vision of creation in all its details. God himself incarnates the seminal ideas in the forms of the gross world. These seminal ideas which have a divine origin, which belong to the causal "logos" are the explanation of our love for God. While God is in one sense transcendent to human nature, there is also in the soul a direct expression of the divine. The cosmic process continues until the causal original, "alpha" and the final consummation "omega" coincide.






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