At-One-ment 18. At-One-ment At-One-ment

At-one-ment is the correct spelling and understanding of salvation. In the attainment of God-self-realization, the inner true self, the soul, the spark of God, the real self, connects with the universal self prior to creation, or G.O.D. the Father.

Attaining at-one-ment is self-salvation. It is the UNIDENTIFICATION with the lower animal body (the original meaning of animal sacrifice) and then becoming identified with the inner true self which is connected to the universal self, or G.O.D.

Atonement (a-tone-ment) is an ARTIFICIAL WORD used in ARTIFICIAL STORIES which were added to sections of the Old and New Testament in order to establish the ARTIFICIAL STORY that God needed the death of his son (Jesus), i.e., that Jesus had to die in order to save the world from sin.

Reconciliation is attained by the sacrificing of the attachment to the human physical animal body to attain Christ-hood or at-one-ment, NOT the killing of the body of Jesus, which contained the Christ consciousness.

Jesus was ELIMINATED because he told the truth. What is that truth? "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BELONG TO ANY RELIGION IN ORDER TO FIND GOD."

The kingdom of God (heaven) is not outside of yourself someplace else, i.e. over here or over there (above). "THE KINGDOM OF GOD (heaven) IS WITHIN YOU." (Luke 17:21).

The kingdom does not come later, but is available now to anyone who seeks true instruction.

All of the true world teachers have stated the same message in one form or another.

Jesus* said, I will come to you a second time, but it will be on the inside, "The inner most holy temple," I will know you, you will know (understand) me and our Father will receive us both, for your SELF and mySELF are the same UNIVERSAL SELF, called God.

The most holy place is INSIDE of "each" person. The "ark" of the covenant is a metaphor for the spiritual center (chakra) in the center of the brain, the inner sanctuary (or upper room).

The plate of the "showbread" is the golden plate or halo (aura) around the head of any person is in a state of God-union.

The covenant is the sacrifice of the psychological personality, the Ego-I state of mind and the "agreement" (or returning to) of divine union.


*Speaking from the Christ state or God state, not as the physical man named Jesus (ISSA).


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