Atom 17. Atom Atom

Today we are trying to find a safe way of using that power, playing with the fire... Maybe we have to learn from our mistakes what Democritus told us: the atom has more parts, but don't divide it because inside there is fire!

On the Indic ancient scripts, someone named Aouloukougia describes something that only today can be understood, matching the theory of correspondence, the atomic structure of the matter with the solar systems and the relativity of the space-time, cosmic rays, universal gravitation, etc. And all these from the 8th century B.C.

Another interesting part of the Indic ancient scripts describes something that reminds us of an atomic bomb explosion.

On some ancient Sanskrit manuscripts, there is described an explosion during a war that shone like 100 thousand suns! This weapon was burning elephants, horses, human and vehicles with invisible fire. It was causing drop of the hair and nails on the humans. The feathers of the birds were becoming white, their legs red and they were becoming blind. The soldiers were running to wash themselves trying to avoid the deadly effects of the weapon. Is this the foretelling of the fate for the human race???




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