Chakra 27. Chakra's Spiritual Centers Chakra

The non-eating state attained by Giri Bala is a yogic power mentioned in patajali's "Yoga Sutras." [III:31] She employs a certain breathing exercise that affects the "vishuddha chakra," the fifth center of subtle energies located in the spine. The "vishuddha chakra," opposite the throat, controls the fifth element, "akash" or ether, pervasive in the intra-atomic spaces of the physical cells, concentration on this "chakra" (wheel) enables the "practitioner" to live by etheric energy (Manna, the true bread of heaven).

Therese Neumann neither lives by gross food nor practices a scientific yogic technique for non-eating. The explanation is hidden in the complexities of her personal karma. Many lives of dedication to God lie behind a Therese Neumann and a Girl Bala, but their channels for outward expression have been different. Among Christian saints who lived without eating (they were also stigmatists) may be mentioned. St. Lidwina of Schiedam, Blessed Elizabeth of Rent, St. Catherine of Siena, Dominica Lazarri, Blesses Angela of Foligno and 19th century Louise Lateau. St. Nicholas of Flue (Bruder Klaus, the 15th century hermit whose impassioned plea for union saved the Swiss confederation) was an abstainer from food for twenty years.

Gross man seldom or never realizes that his body is a kingdom governed by "emperor soul" on the throne of the cranium, with subsidiary regents in the six spinal centers or spheres of consciousness. This theocracy extends over a throng of obedient subjects: twenty-seven thousand billion cells (endowed with sure if seemingly automatic intelligence by which they perform all duties of bodily growths, transformations and dissolutions) and fifty million substrate thoughts, emotions, and variations of alternating phases in man's consciousness in an average life of sixty years.

-Sri Yukteswar

The story of the revelation of Jesus in the Christian Bible is the metaphoric descriptions of the inner visions seen as the seven Chakra's or seven churches, seven stars of spiritual consciousness are opened during Kundalini, meditation, the revelation is : I AND MY FATHER (GOD) ARE ONE, this is what Jesus and every true spiritual teacher teaches, God and the Kingdom of God, is within ourselves. (Luke 17:20, 21).

From ancient Taoism:

Of the twenty-eight constellations, or spiritual energy points, only seven are familiar to some spiritual traditions where they are known as Chakras. The opening of the entire ecliptic path is related to high spiritual growth, but this cannot be achieved by means of modern physical conditioning programs. Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Gong, and Dou-In are ancient practices which can aid in the opening of these points.

-Hua Ching Ni (teacher)

The ancient Greeks, as well as other ancients, knew and understood the stars (constellations) to be the maternal (mother) source for the energy formation of the human body and the paternal (father) spirit to be the inner holy spirit of each human being (the true eternal SELF of each human being).


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