Chosen People (Species) 28. Chosen People (Species) Chosen People (Species)

When a person has a spiritual experience and feels the presence of God (Parousia) they may think that they were chosen. The truth is all human beings are chosen (created) to materialize and manifest God for the second coming (second stage of materialization).

In deep meditation, the practice of NOT being IDENTIFIED with the physical body-brain, one has the REVELATION that the human race was SPECIALLY CREATED (chosen) as the vehicle to materialize God on earth, heaven on earth.

The human "SPECIES" is the CHOSEN VEHICLE for the materialization and manifestation of the universal consciousness, or God, in order to experience itself and to know itself through the entire human race.

If you will be my people, (all of the people on the planet) I will be your God. God did not divide humanity, only the Ego-I divides ALL things from itself........including God!




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