Consciousness (Two Forms) 35. Consciousness (Two Forms) Consciousness (Two Forms)

The spiritual SELF (the real you) now suffers along with the physical body physically and emotionally. The statement I think therefore I am is a statement of the psychological personality and not from the spiritual SELF. Meditation, and a simple life, is a way to shut down the physical body and brain an its self generated psychological personality in order for the true self (the real you) to detach itself, and become disassociated and not identified with the body brain (the divine animal). In order to return, remember, reestablish and RESURRECT itself back to its true and original natural state and condition of eternal spirit experiencing it self in the process of life but no longer trapped in life. (This is the only and true resurrection.)

Was Jesus really dead when they took him down from the cross? Did the sour wine on the sponge contain a strong sedative? Did he just pass into what is called a "yogic swoon," where the body just shuts down, but does not die?


SELF CONSCIOUSNESS is of and part of the physical material body condition. SELF-AWARENESS is of and part of the spirit or universal mind called God.

Self-consciousness is the foundation of the separate ego-I state of mind.

Self-consciousness creates the anti-person, or anti-SELF.

The psychological -personality is self created, i.e., an image, and does not stand in "TRUTH" (is not part of a natural spiritual state of consciousness).

The psychological personality is real and yet not real. It exists and yet is does not exist.

When you dream, you exist and are real in the dream. But when you awaken, the dream and you in the dream do not exist.

To return to God-Self-Realization, Satori, Nirvana, Samadhi, Heaven, At-onement, etc. etc. etc. is to be AWAKE. To be IDENTIFIED with the SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS and the psychological-personality the EGO-I is to be in a dream.

To be identified with creation, INCLUDING one 's own body-brain and thoughts IS to be in a dream state. In ancient times, the identification with the body-brain and its self generated psychological person-ality was understood as living or existing in a lesser condition - LESSER WORLD - UNDERWORLD, i.e., HELL, (Also sometimes called the VALLEY).

Note: The use of uppercase, or capital "S" is referring to the spiritual Self, the lower case, small letter "s" is referring to the individual self, egoic self, the psychological personality, or the self of the physical body.


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