Creation 36. Creation Creation

That which is called "God" did not make the world.

That which is called "God" "became" the world (and is still becoming the world)(generating, organizing, desolving or G.O.D.).

There is no such thing as a material universal. Everything is energy, either moving or solidified, E=MC2.

Creation is referred to as the "Son" or reflection of God (the Father). The Son is the second part of the Holy Trinity. The Father is the first part.

Creation is also called the "body" of God.

The body of God, or creation, is a SECONDARY REALITY as compared to the Father (God) consciousness-spirit, which is the first or most prior and PRIMARY LIVING REALITY.

"Creation" is sometimes called the Mother or Universal Mother, Mysterious Mother, Mother Nature, because all things are BORN from it.

Creation, including the human animal body and its own self-programming psychological ego, is known as a SECONDARY REALITY, and was called a devil, satan and the liar by Jesus (John 8:44). Creation, especially the body and sex drive, tempt the inner pure consciousness, or self awareness to experience the sensations (fruits) of the physical body as true sources of knowledge, but are in fact false when compared to universal knowledge, also called original knowledge, true knowledge, or intuition. This is why some ancient religions considered creation to be evil.

The Holy Trinity of God

God the "Father" is consciousness-spirit PRIOR to and TRANSCENDENTAL to creation, or OUTSIDE of creation.

God the "Son" is consciousness-spirit AS creation, and manifested AS creation, the only begotten Son of God.

The "Holy Spirit" is God, the Father IN its own creation as a living human being. The pure inner consciousness-spirit in each human being is a part of the universal consciousness-spirit of the Father, and is called the Holy Spirit or Holy Inner Spirit.

God the Father expresses itself through us and as us.


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