Death 38. Death Death

At the moment of death if we let go lightly, we go out into the light, towards the "one," towards God, the only thing that died after all, was just another set of thoughts of who we thought we were in this lifetime around.

-Ram Dass

Our true inner SELF (which is also known as the Holy Spirit) never dies. To discover and attain (or actually return to) and live in this inner "SELF awareness" is the attainment of eternal life. Only the body, brain and psychological ego dissolve or die.

"Eternal life" must be attained before the physical body dies or one reincarnates to try again.

Life in the physical realm is a training ground for the spirit to develop or overcome. The spirit or soul must overcome the body physical and the mental body (in the form of thoughts) in order to continue its evolution.

-Hua Ching Ni (teacher)

SELF awareness, THE REAL YOU, never dies. You are eternal (your body, mind, thoughts are not eternal).


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