Destiny of Mankind 39. Destiny of Mankind Destiny of Mankind


The conditionally arising cosmos and “world” that is the apparent “experiential” circumstance of human life is a “cause-and-effect”-driven field of universally self-originating and self-organizing (and intrinsically egoless) patterns—and not an independently ego-originated or ego-driven (or, otherwise, “Deity-Caused” or “Deity-Driven”) field of identities.

Therefore, right understanding of the process of human existence must, necessarily, proceed from a right observation and understanding of the conditionally arising pattern-field of cosmos and “world”.

The fundamental question relative to human destiny—in the process of human living and in and beyond the process of human dying—is this:What happens to patterns, as they proceed and change?

Patterns only proceed and change.

Patterns do not and cannot merely cease.

Patterns can (and always, in fact, do) change—such that they are, eventually, transformed beyond their any present mode of appearance.

Such is also, necessarily, the case with human destiny.

Human destiny is a process of patterns—not of identity.

The pattern of human “experience”, action, life, and dying is a process of transformation in and by means of a context of apparent changes.

Therefore, human destiny can—and, indeed, should—be a process of responsible participation in right pattern-management, such that change and transformation (or all of living and dying) can be a positively-destined demonstration of the intrinsic egolessness of right life.

All the conditionally arising patterns of human “experience” are arising in The Intrinsically egoless, Indivisible, Non-separate, and Always OnlyAcausally Present Context That Is The Self- Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.

Therefore, right life is the disciplining of human “experiential” patterns, such that living and dying always Perfectly Coincide with The Intrinsically egoless, Indivisible, Non-separate, and Always Only Acausally Present Context That Is The Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.

Such right life proceeds as a pattern of changes that inevitably transforms itself, such that— potentially, and At Last—living and dying Perfectly Demonstrate Perfect Coincidence with Reality Itself in and As Divine Translation.


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