Diet 41. Diet Diet

Diet is important. Avoid foods and products that stimulate or irritate the body and insides. It's hard to be calm and receive insights if one is overly stimulated or irritated. Internal irritation has led to many arguments. Arguments lead to physical fighting, physical fighting leads to war, war leads to the end of humanity.

There is a very big difference between natural energy and the "false energy" of stimulation and habitual irritation.

How can one know God when one is irritated or stimulated beyond one's own self control.

Without "SELF control" and "SELF realization" one will never find eternal life.

The human physical body is an electro-mechanical creation. It is important to keep the correct acid, alkaline balance through the use of correct and proper foods and liquids.

Proper diet and good health do not "create" enlightenment or self realization, they only support it.

The proper use of foods is for the physical body to turn food into physical energy and then an individual can change physical energy into spiritual energy.


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