Disease � Dis-ease 42. Disease � Dis-ease Disease � Dis-ease

In a condition of inner "Self awareness" which is mankind's true and natural state, the mind and consciousness are in a harmonious or integrated state, and at "ease."

When the inner self, the soul, the real and eternal you as spirit becomes identified and associated with the physical body-brain and its self created psychological-person-ality the ego-I condition, the soul, the real you creates a MISALIGNMENT with the astral and etherical spiritual bodies. This cuts off the subtle spiritual energy (Manna) which is the true sustainer of the physical life. The energy of the body also becomes stagnate and does not flow in its natural pattern. Acupuncture can restore some of the energy flow. But true health and eternal life are found when one returns to one's original and natural state of God-self-realization. One is therefore at REST and at EASE knowing that one is eternal spirit.

The manifestation of an outer disease is God's way of telling a human being that there is dis-ease on the "inside" or "spiritual inside," i.e., a dis-ease in the "soul" (also called, the inner "Holy Spirit").

Outer disease can ALSO be a result of a past lifetime's karma.

Karma can be reduced by prayer and by the use of meditation cultivation.

Meditation cultivation is the practice of returning to your true inner state, SELF realization is also known as God realization.

Drugs and medication used to calm the mind are only temporary. They do not cure the first cause, i.e., the loss of SELF realization due to the identification with the false psychological egoic mentality which is an unnatural state of being.

Note: The words MEDICAL and MEDITATE are always allied together in every dictionary. Why?



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