False Prophets 61. False Prophets False Prophets

A false prophet is one who may have a great capacity of the intellect. Which is only useful for research and study. Without even a brief mystical experience such a person cannot and should not teach.

For they preach, but never experience God-union nor live as God for which they say is absolutely impossible to do or be. Because we are nothing but ignorant mortals, we are not capable of self-salvation. (This is the second sign of a false prophet. (The first was to create fear).

They know "about" God (only history) but do not know (experience) God directly. Their good works and deeds are praiseworthy, but they are untrained and unlearned in the true ways of God-self-realization.

God (in the form of the Holy Spirit) is in his heart as it is in every human being but he, even as a high teacher, has not "attained" it except in the form of a thought or emotional response, but does not manifest God. (i.e., Christ-consciousness) for the sane and spiritual development of his fellow human beings.

A false prophet (not necessarily evil, but just ignorant in the true way of eternal life) cannot explain or produce actual eternal life with his/her teachings, but only give you "belief" and the rest is up to you and your so-called "faith," or lack of it if you fail to attain anything.

Eternal life has nothing to do with religious faith or belief. True eternal life is based on time tested methods of "meditation-cultivation" and the proof of past true teachers.

False prophets may be good hearted in their "intent" to make a better world, but truly and sadly they are the blind leading the blind, no matter how much they "praise" and "glorify" the name of God.

Blind faith without true intelligence and wisdom and direction will do little to save the world or even one single person. The outer life is the outer life (including thoughts) and no matter how perfectly you obey all the religious rules and commandments it is not the inner life of the spirit. Even a life long disciple or devotee of a great master, saint, teacher or guru, etc. who can understand the teaching intellectually but has never experienced self realization can be considered to be false prophets also. Even if they have great love and devotion, because without "experience" and the basic understanding of that "experience" they have nothing useful to teach you.

Eternal life is not a matter of intellectual knowledge, history or obeying every religious rule and law.

Eternal life is the disassociation from the psychological ego and a shift of consciousness to the inner condition of SELF realization as God. For one cannot walk "with" God. One can only walk in God and as God.

The "ego" in its mentality considers itself a creation of God and therefore divine or justified in its existence, which is not correct.

How can a person attain (actually return to) at-onement when the word worship implies two beings: the one doing the worshiping, and the one being worshiped? A false prophet cannot answer such a question and will simply say it is a divine mystery, which we as mere mortals cannot or should not know (or even think about, just have faith).

False prophets create false Gods.



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