False Images 60. False Images False Images

Worshiping your own mental concepts of what you "think" or "imagine" God to be is the worship of false images and/or graven images.

To "think" about God is to only think about one's own concepts.

God is spirit, and those who worship (seek) him must worship (seek) in spirit and truth.

-Jesus, John 4:24

God is spirit and those who seek divine union must themselves be in the condition of spirit and truth. If the soul (you) becomes UNIDENTIFIED with the physical body and brain and it's self created psychological person-ality you automatically return to your original SPIRITUAL SELF and are identified with the UNIVERSAL SELF called God. These are the two masters, but you can only serve one at a time.

Mohammed stated, "No God but God." This means all concepts, ideas, beliefs are not God, only the actual condition of moment to moment God-Realization is God. Everything else is just an expression of the ego-centric state of mind.

Note: The words of Mohammed have been changed from "No God but God" to "No God but Allah." The former are the words of a true prophet. The latter are the words of an ignorant disrespectful fool. The former may lead to world peace, the latter may lead to world war.



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