Faith 58. Faith Faith

"Faith (Sraddha) is not the acceptance of belief. It is the striving after self-realization by concentrating the powers of the mind on a given ideal."


"The ultimate and incontrovertible evidence of any religions faith is the evidence of the believers heart."


Faith means courage.

The courage of trying to be "therefore perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect," when all your life you were told that nobody can be God, and you are born in sin.

The practice of meditation-cultivation is the practice of faith and courage.

You are not God, but your "SELF" is God.

The "you" (the ego) is not God, but your "SELF" (inner true self, consciousness) is God; your true inner SELF is also called the "Holy Spirit.

The spiritual meaning of faith is, the DEPTH of one's spiritual God-self-realization, i.e., the depth of one's experience.

Does one trust in the Christ consciousness state of be-ing enough to give-up one's very own personality???

Does one have enough faith that the Christ consciousness state is better than the independent egoic state???

Is it really better to be a ruler in hell than a slave in heaven? This statement is nonsense because it is conceived from the egocentric state of be-ing. How can one be a slave if one is actually eternal spirit, and is attached to no-thing??


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