Holy Spirit 78. Holy Spirit Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third part of the trinity of God.

The "Holy Spirit" is God or eternal SELF also, but individualized as each living human being. This inner consciousness (not the sub-conscious) or inner SELF, the "heart" or center is the foundation of all human beings. This inner consciousness and inner SELF is the same in each person. All humans are connected by this inner eternal SELF. Only the outer psychological ego separated God from mankind and mankind from each other.

•   The FATHER is God or spirit, prior to and transcendental to creation, or outside of creation, eternally still (no vibration).

•   The "Son" is God formed as creation (for God did not make the world, God became the world). Primary vibration, hum, word, aum.

•   The Holy Spirit is God "in" his own creation in the form of each human being. The inner true SELF, (the real eternal you) the spark of God, (the Holy Spirit).

The "Holy Spirit" is sometimes called the "Holy Ghost." It means the same thing but technically they are different. The Holy Spirit is consciousness (as SELF AWARENESS). A ghost is the bluish gray colored etheric double of the human body and has no SELF AWARENESS.

And do not be called teachers; for ONE is your teacher, the Christ. -Matthew 23:10

In this statement Jesus is referring to the inner "Holy Spirit" (Christ consciousness) in each person; he is not referring to himself. The attainment (return) to the natural pure state of spiritual be-ing brings all things to one's "remembrance"(spiritual insights, revelations, prophecy and to know thy self as spirit).

Some religions teach that the Holy-Spirit is received by grace from God, i.e., that it comes from the outside in the form of a gift, this is not correct. The Holy-Spirit, soul, the inner eternal self is actually uncovered (revealed) and then experienced.

The Holy Spirit comes from God because it is a part of God. The Holy Spirit is also called the soul.

The Holy Spirit is not something mysterious and unknown. The Holy-Spirit is the inner true SELF of each person, the spark of God that is the same as God.

God is the eternal SELF. The Holy Spirit is God as the INDIVIDUALIZED universal SELF, the real you that is eternal spirit. Meditation will bring this REMEMBRANCE.

All SPIRITUAL SELF'S and the SELF that is God, are the SAME.

All the psychological "me's" are different; no two are alike.



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