Holy War (Spirit Over Matter) 79. Holy War (Spirit Over Matter) Holy War (Spirit Over Matter)

The only holy war is the inner struggle within each person to become unidentified with the psychological ego, and attain (actually return) to their inner true SELF AWARENESS prior to body and mind and thoughts. This is the only  revolution of good over evil. This is the true and secret teaching of all the great spiritual literature. All spiritual and holy wars in spiritual texts are metaphors for INNER SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION.

The "Bhagavadgita" is one such story or metaphor of this inner struggle to attain ENLIGHTENMENT and eternal life. Also called Heaven, Satori, Nirvana, union with Tao, at-onement, Kingdom of God, Samadhi, and the "final surrender" (Islam).

The "Torah" and Koran also teach the "inner" holy war of spiritual evolution. But since it is difficult to achieve, much less understand, that the total absolute surrender to the will of God (which is that no soul shall stay separated from God), involves the SACRIFICE of their very own pride and EGOIC STATE of self glorification, and separative personality by the practice of meditation-cultivation, that most people just argue about moral behavior and try to practice a good social life. (The very ignorant kill others in the name of God.)

The book of Revelation in the Christian Bible is the same metaphor of the evolution of consciousness and the inner visions seen and perceived during the practice of meditation-cultivation (Kundalini meditation).

The Battle of Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita is the inner spirit resurrecting itself from it's entanglement with the human physical animal body - It is the same "inner" holy war of Islam and other religions who practiced mysticism as the way to attain divine transformation along with the evolution of the soul back to God-union.

Holy War: Spirit over matter, love over hate, peace over war, forgiveness over revenge, common sense over custom, life over death, inner soul over outer ego-I self, God union over one's bodily identification (the final surrender back to God revelation), meditation with intuition over blind obedience. To be a free soul (as spirit) and not be a slave to anything created in space-time, the great path back to "God-spirit" over the path that leads to destruction, to be the TRUTH, LIGHT and THE WAY (of God) and not the body-mind-though-memory-programs of the lower physical body-mind (the living machine, the temporary temple or vessel, cage, container, house). AND MOST OF ALL...to remove the letter "S" from the word SWORD to create the "WORD(s) of TRUTH" (the original meaning is: the truth or ACTUAL spiritual experience is what cuts through the ignorance of the lower body-brain and mind.*

*Do distorted minds create distorted "WORDS"???



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