Karma (Judgements) 90. Karma (Judgements) Karma (Judgements)


E.Cayce - A.R.E. State:

(The Cayce readings refer to our having lived on earth several times before, in the same matter-of-fact way that they refer to intestinal adhesions. In discussing the causes of a serious illness which an individual may suffer, the term "karma" is sometimes borrowed from the Hindu language to express the familiar Christian concept, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Presupposing reincarnation, such a reference to "karma" or "meeting self" in an individual's readings means that his particular experience of suffering – or of joy – is a case of actually experiencing what he dealt out to others in a previous life, a situation being reversed upon him with a justice more than poetic.)

Q-1. Is the ill heath which I have been experiencing the past years the result of mistakes of a past life or is it due to something amiss in this present life?

A-1. Both. For there is the law of the material, there is the law of the mental, there is the law of the spiritual.

That (which is) brought into materiality is first conceived in spirit. Hence, as we have indicated, all illness is sin; not necessarily of the moment, as man counts time, but as a part of the whole experience.

Remember, the sources (of this body's condition), as we have indicated, are the meeting of one's own self; thus are karmic.

These can be met most in Him who, taking away the law of cause and effect by fulfilling the law, establishes the law of grace. Thus the needs for the entity to lean upon the arm of Him who is the law, and the truth and the light.

For, while these (conditions in the body) may be sought to be explained through the defects in the body, read carefully – who healeth all thy diseases, who bringeth this or that (illness or health) to pass in thy experience? That through thy experience ye may learn the more of the law of the Lord, that it is perfect. . .

As has been indicated for the entity, (use) the (ultraviolet) lights that would aid in checking – even in healing the disturbed area in the spine by the use of this high vibration. Electricity or vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God. Not that God is an electric light or an electric machine, but that vibration that is creative is of that same energy as life itself.

. . . it was given, "Whosoever sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed." That is, in this case, the blood of (this individual's) will, of his purpose, of his physical desire to carry on in his own ways of activity, and by those conditions in the body itself being thwarted. The entity thwarted others (in a previous lifetime) and is meeting is (now) in self. That is karma.

For here we have an individual entity meeting its own self – the conditions in regard to the movements of the body, the locomotories, the nerve ends, the muscular forces. What ye demanded of others (in another experience) ye must pay yourself! Every soul should remember not to demand of others more than ye are willing to give, for ye will pay – and, as most, through thy gills!



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