Knowledge vs Reality 93. Knowledge vs Reality Knowledge vs Reality


All conventional “knowledge”-categories are modes of the perceptual and conceptual language-categories of “name” and “form”--or of categorical “objectification”. All conventional “knowledge”-categories--or all perceptual and conceptual “objectifications”--are “point-of-view”-based constructions, always implying space-time-“locatedness”. Therefore, all perceptual and conceptual “objectifications” are both limited and “local”--or condition-based, “point-of-view”-based, “point-of-view”-serving, “point-of-view”-limited, and intrinsically ego-bound. True “knowledge” is, necessarily, Truth-“Knowledge”, or Reality-Based “Perfect Knowledge”--Which Is Intrinsically and Always Priorly “point-of-view”-less, egoless, and Self-Established (Perfectly Prior to all “difference”) in all-and-Allat- once.

Humankind has invented complex language-based systems of conventional perceptual and conceptual “knowledge” in a collective (and trans-generational, or perpetually self-duplicatable) effort to protect (and extend through time) the otherwise thoroughly vulnerable ego-position on which human cultures are traditionally based. Those language-based (and perceptually and conceptually organized and communicated) “knowledge”-systems include the traditionally dominant “knowledge”- systems of “religion” and “science”, as well as of every other kind of ordinary and extraordinary category of human desire, “problem”, and interest. All language-based systems of perceptual and conceptual “knowledge” are “local” (and “self-location”-oriented), “self”-limited, “self”-referring (or “pointof- view”-referencing), and (both intrinsically and inevitably) ego-bound and ego-binding--however otherwise profound, apt, or “universal” they may seem, and no matter how “universally” (or at-large) they may be proclaimed or enforced. Only “Perfect Knowledge” of The Intrinsically egoless, Indivis-ible, Acausal, Transcendental Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself Is (both Intrinsically and Inevitably) The Free and all-and-All-Liberating Truth of all-and-All. Therefore, it is necessary for humankind to base all of human life and culture on Truth Itself, and on the esoteric practice of “Perfect Knowledge” of Reality Itself, and on the intrinsic, fundamental, and always already language-transcending prior unity of all-and-All, and on modes of language discourse that are “rooted” in Reality-based language (rather than in language-based “reality”).- F.J.

"All I know is that I know nothing (but I understand everything)"- Socrates.


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