Lord 98. Lord Lord

You shall love the "Lord" your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.

-Jesus, Matthew 22:37

The "Lord" is the lord of the body in each human being. The lord is the "Holy Spirit," in the form of "individualized" universal spirit or consciousness prior to thought and inner witness to the outer body, mind, and thoughts (your true inner SPIRITUAL SELF is the lord of body).

Jesus did not say love "me" (as Jesus), but to love the lord. The lord or holy spirit in Jesus is the same lord or holy spirit in each living human being.

"God is spirit" (consciousness, SELF awareness) "and those who worship Him" (desire union) "must worship in spirit and truth, (must unite and become one with the "inner SELF", inner God or "holy spirit," the "lord" of the body, which is the same as the "outer" universal SELF and God.)

-Jesus, John 4:24





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