Love 99. Love Love

This is my commandment; that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life (give up their ego) for his friends.

-Jesus, John 15:12, 13

Jesus dissolved his egoic self to attain Christ, or Christ consciousness, in order to be a true being and a true ego-less (non-judgmental) teacher with divine insight and perception. Each person should be willing to also give up their ego and through self realization become the "same" and one with everyone else. Which is the only meaning of love, i.e., the desire for and attaining "oneness."

Jesus loves the disciples with the love which the father exhibits toward him.

-John 15:9

The father loves the "son" and puts all things at his disposal.

-John 3:35

He loves the son because the "son" lays down his life (ego).

-John 10:17

How can an individual show, or express their love for God? Meditation is the way. Meditation is the practice of being a perfect spirit. God is also a perfect spirit. If your spirit-consciousness is the same as the pure spirit-consciousness of God, then you will be as one spirit-consciousness. This is love, this love union. (The lover and the beloved are now one.) The inner SELF and the UNIVERSAL SELF (God) are the same SELF.

All true "self realized" spiritual teachers, masters and gurus have this same universal love. They have given up or "sacrificed" their "ego" or "animal nature" to serve mankind.

But he who is the greatest among you (in the position of true spiritual teacher) shall be your servant.

-Jesus, Matthew 23:11

How does one show or express his/her love for God (God-union)? It is through "meditation." For God must be worshiped or loved in "spirit;" that is, the disassociation from the ego self process which is a sacrifice, and to maintain pure consciousness in the mind. This pure consciousness of the practitioner is then connected to the universal "consciousness" (referred to as God). This is "love union."

Love is not something that you get. Love is something that you give.

In the condition of "love" there may be a "preference," but there is never any demand.

It is better to give love than to receive love. - St. Francis

Immature love is, how much can I get. Mature love is, how much can I give.

Love is not an emotion. Love is an activity of the inner spirit. -Taoism


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